Who we are…

We’re two sisters that have been brought up within the formal wear industry and we’re on a quest to deliver effortless style in an effortless manner.

We aim to cater for every formal wear need a man could desire from his special day, to a day at the races or even a day in the office.

Our main unique selling point is that 90% of our clothing is made within the UK. This means that we keep a close eye on everything that’s manufactured for us so that we meet up to expectations set. The fit and finish is so important to us and we want you to be able to feel the same quality in your garments from the first time you wear them till the last. Our products are built to last and we hope you enjoy every minute in them.

The beauty of this also, is that if you have something in particular in mind or if you have a unique body shape we will do our upmost best to meet your requirements. In our factory we have every roll of fabric shown on the website if not more, so nothing should be out of reach.

We have followed our mother, who herself has been in the industry for decades so we like to think we know we’re speaking from experience. Something we have learnt is that men like to play around with fashion just as much as women do. That’s  why in our suit category we only sell suits that we think men could have multiple wears out of.

We aim to deliver quality made three piece suit’s that you gentlemen can wear to any occasion by styling it how you wish or by following what we have shown through our imagery on our website.

When you purchase from us you receive a postcard within your parcel encouraging you to show how you’ve made your look unique by posting a picture on social media, by doing so you automatically put yourself into a draw of the month where you can win a £100 voucher to spend at any time. One customer is selected every month so don’t be shy.

The colour matching service…

Every wedding has a theme, and the most important is the colour. Getting the perfect colour match for your bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen’s ties used to be a chore, this is where we make it a whole lot simpler.

We manufacture neckwear in over 250 shades of colour and across several materials, the site may look daunting at first as there are so many shades but this is where we can help. Simply select the swatches you feel are most suited and we will send them out at a small cost; from there you can purchase the perfect match.

Alternately, you can contact us yourselves and send us your swatch and we will match it for you, as on most occasions we will have the exact match or send multiple colours to you so can choose. We also offer matching hankies and a pre-tied service so all of the groomsmen look impeccable, we offer an array of styles in every colour also.

The Vision…

We are a new company so we have a lot more to offer in the next few months, from light weight summer tweeds to a greater selection of three piece suits. We will also be teaming up with multiple bloggers and stylists to make sure we have something for everyone. We like to feel we can deliver what people want but if you feel your looking for something in particular there is no harm in contacting us because it might be something we have coming up in the near future as we hope to constantly be updating our site throughout the years to come.